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China Experts represents a group of companies who together offer a one-stop-shop solution by combining knowledge and network. China Experts aims to provide a gateway to optimize the chance of success for European SME’s in the Chinese market. Each partner has been carefully selected on their proven track record and expertise in China. China Experts offers European SME’s a customer journey into China where the companies are helped to reach their full potential in China and protect them from potential pitfalls.

True customer journey into China.

After the application, the China Experts offer a standard customer journey which includes 4 basic steps:

What we do

1. Selection & Pitch

When a participant has applied for the China Experts customer journey, the selection phase starts with a quick scan of the participant. This scan provides a first analysis on whether a company or product is ready for the Chinese market. After this scan, participants get to pitch their idea to the group of China Experts.

2. Preparation first China tour

If a participant is deemed fit and ready to enter the Chinese market, the preparation starts for the ‘Living the land’ tour into China. During this preparation a participant will receive a feasibility study and a partner/distributor/client search. Furthermore they will be trained in an orientation workshop and a matchmaking workshop. Finally the China Experts will help you to develop the necessary communication materials.

3. ‘Living the land tour’ China

During the ‘Living the land’ tour into China you will be guided by one or more of the partners who are experienced in doing business in China. Translation, guidance and advice will be at hand during your first experience with doing business in China. This phase includes a broad introduction presentation on the importance of branding.

4. Start up

Upon return the China Experts will provide the participant with advice for the future on several different topics, a.o. the importance of the local adaptation of the branding. Through different strategy sessions and training a participant is prepared for their future journey into China. Finally the participant is ready to reach their full potential in the Chinese market. After which at the end the participant receives an overview of necessary future steps.

Who we are

  • Kerling Consulting offers business insights and practical advice into the Chinese way of doing business and thereby ensure that clients maximize their opportunities in China.  Kerling Consulting offers workshops and consultancy on a wide range of subjects, such as matchmaking, leaving a good first impression, forging strong business relationships, negotiating and managing personnel. The practical experience of Kerling Consulting has proven to be crucial in helping the companies reach their goals in China.

    Kerling Consulting –
  • 1421 Consulting Group offers research and strategic advice to optimize the participants’ chance of succeeding in the Chinese market. This is reached by offering feasibility studies, researching ideal partners and guiding participants through meetings. All these services are combined with reliable strategic advice in order to achieve their goals in China. 1421 Consulting Group makes sure a participant identifies the right opportunities and 1421 Consulting Group helps the participant in navigating their way through China.

    1421 Consulting group –
  • Link Design, with offices in Amsterdam and Shanghai, is your ideal partner for a successful launch of your product or service in the Chinese market. China is one of the biggest growth markets in the world and offers plenty of opportunities for European companies. Our services for the Chinese market are a.o. market research, local adaptation of your products and services and brand management. We have all the knowledge and are able to ensure that your product or service will become a great success in China.

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